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Round Eyeglasses

One thing that has come to our attention over the years is that the fans of round eye spectacles are always looking forward to buy these eye glasses. The round shape is the original spectacle shape. Round eyewear has managed to garner international appeal, and they have never declined in their popularity. Knowing this, we always carry the best selection of round glasses. You can select from the exceptional assortment that we present for the fans of circular frames.


We also deal with our international clients through our website, bringing them a more convenient way to interact with us and review what is current at Rims & Goggles San Francisco. Decades of offering the finest service has built a relationship of trust between ourselves and our clients. We offer various styles of the round eye glasses that will surely capture your attention. All of these styles and designs are available in our physical retail stores as well. If you are ever in San Francisco, stop in and say hello.

Round Glasses

Round Glasses

Located in Downtown San Francisco

445 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Phone: 415-397-6511
Toll Free: 800-551-6511


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